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Meet the Dudes

Obviously, you’re not a golfer, and neither are these Dudes, at least not professionally!

We all know how rich a life can be when it is full of music. We want to make sure as many youngsters possible have this opportunity and that is why a portion of proceeds from all Funk Abides goods benefit the Urban Music Achievers.

In the Beginning

Way out west there were these fellas I wanna tell ya about…they go by the names Wick & Nate, or at least those were their names their loving parents gave them.

In January 2016, a musical miracle took place on the high seas of Jam Cruise. A father met the son he never had and the world started to make a little more sense.

Dude and Junior Dude kicked off a lifelong friendship founded on a bedrock of funk and feel good vibes. 

Together they have launched Funk Abides, a combination of their love of all things Dude and the music that fills them up and helps them spread smiles for miles.

These Dudes love their musical family and know that the only way to truly live, is to give. That is why a portion of proceeds from all goods sold benefit our Urban Music Achievers efforts; a fund that supports the next generation of music makers and appreciators.

I don’t know about you, but I take comfort knowing these Dudes are out there, takin’er easy for all us sinners out there!






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Wick and Nate

Wick aka “Dude”

Wick is a man of the people and has made a living out of making those around him feel happy, the Dude can do that to ya! This tycoon keeps life extremely interesting by orchestrating bike races, serving as a professional celebrity chauffeur, performing marriages, and serving up top-shelf cocktail concoctions. Wick is a heavy weight champion of Lebowski-Fest and is a constant music festival fixture keeping the funk alive for all of us.


Read the recent article about the Dude in Craft Mountain Bike Magazine 2019

Nate aka “Junior Dude”

Nate is a business class hippie who has helped over half a million kiddos get music instruments and discover career paths in the music industry during his decade-long career in the charity realm. Since hanging up his non-profit spurs, he’s embraced a new mission of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy through leading at Tesla. When not crushing it at work, you can find Nate deep in the groove at your local music hall having arguably the best time ever! 

Funk Abides and the Urban Music Achievers Fund 

Funk Abides makes gifts from our Urban Music Achievers fund to support timely, local, and worthy causes that give kids the access to the music they want and deserve!
If you are interested in supporting these efforts, please consider procuring goods through this site, make a donation, inquire about offering Funk Abides goods in your store, help us to plan an event, or contact us for other creative ideas we can partner on.

It is an honor and obligation to help the next generation keep the funk alive.
Please join us! 

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Join us. Be where the fun(k) is.

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